Want to feel happier when you wake up, every single day,

for the rest of your life?

You’re in exactly the right place. 

This is the untold American path to easily reach real, true, consistent happiness.

And the best part?

It’s only 7 days away.

My guess is that at some point in your life, you’ve felt happy.

Maybe it's when you said 'I love you' for the first time.

Maybe it's when you finally took that trip you always dreamed about.

Maybe it was when you looked around at all your friends one night and just thought 'these people are the fucking BEST.

You felt it.

You felt that true happiness.

And it was amazing. 

But how long did it last?

A minute? An hour? A day?

Life happened and you started to slip back into your everyday 'routine'…

Waking up tired, chugging coffee, and schlepping to work.

Dreading Monday and living for the weekend.

Each day you find yourself questioning your life...

Am I doing enough?

How the hell am I going to pay for that?

Am I falling behind?

Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?

The stress piles up...

The smallest things cause anxiety…

Everyone tells you…

“That’s just the way life is”

“It’s called work for a reason”

“The spark always fades”

“Is that practical?”

“You really shouldn’t do that.”

Negativity and complaining is everywhere. 

The cycle continues, and continues… and seems impossible to break.

But then there's another spark.

Another glimmer.

Another glance at happiness.

Maybe it's when you have an amazingly real conversation with your best friend…

Maybe it’s when you hear a new song on the radio and just can’t help but smile

Maybe it’s when you finally stand up for yourself at work…

You feel it.

You feel happiness.

And it’s amazing. 

But then hour by hour, day by day, like all the times before…

You slip back into the state of 'doing okay’.

Your mind floods with thoughts of what could be and what should be…

Why don't I have a relationship like that?

I should be farther along than I am.

Why don't I have more money?

And suddenly 3 months go by and you're still there.

You're still waiting for everyday happiness.

But it never arrives.

You’re still scrolling through Instagram craving a life that’s full of adventure and excitement.

Constantly comparing yourself to your friend’s relationships and careers.

And more often then not, you feel shitty about it.


none of this is your fault.

It’s just your brains default wiring.

Our brains are wired from birth to seek out the downside, the uncertainty, the negativity.

It’s how we were wired in our primal days and our brains haven’t changed in 200,000 years.

And that’s why it’s so EASY to stress.

To complain.

To have self doubt.

But it just sucks.

and my guess is you don’t want to live a life that sucks.

So how much longer are you going to let this continue?

3 months? 1 year? Your entire life?

Most people will live in this negative place for the rest of their lives.

Quietly suffocating, all while thinking “this is just the way life is”.

But you’re not most people.

And my guess is you don’t want to wait a minute longer…right?

Americans across all 50 states credit one simple thing for developing consistent happiness…

A positive mindset. 

But our minds are naturally wired for the exact opposite, to pull us back down into this negative state, and it’s why 99% of people don’t live out a completely happy life. 

They stay stuck in an ‘okay’ life that sucks a good amount of the time, just like the one you’re in now.

So how do you ACTUALLY DO IT?

How do you achieve that truly positive mindset?

How do you become one of the rare people who are consistently happy?

Even on days when everything seems to go wrong?

Your brain will naturally try it’s hardest to pull you back in to the negativity, stress, complaining and self doubt.

It’s your default wiring.

And it’s very difficult to rewire your brain for happiness without a clear path.

BUT there’s a group of Americans that have done it.

They’ve achieved consistent, true happiness through a simple, easy to follow path.

And you can too. 

Welcome to 7 Days to Happy.


We’ve taken the everyday strategies and tactics of the happiest Americans across all 50 states….

 And compacted it down into this kickstart program for you. 

At the end of 7 days, we guarantee that you’ll be thinking more positively, and waking up happier every single day.

If not, we’ll refund you -- no questions asked. 

Each day, you’ll receive a video that follows our proven 3 step system:

  1. Self Awareness. 

    1. The first step to rewiring your brain for a positive mindset is self awareness. We need to know how the brain and mind work in order to rewire it. In each video, we’ll educate you on the extremely SIMPLE science behind how your brain is coded so you know where you’re starting at.

  2. Action.

    1. Next, we’ll get into HOW to actually start re-wiring your brain for a positive mindset. These strategies and tactics are very simple and we’ll show you how to take action on implementation.

  3. Hype + Accountability

    1. We’re here for you, every step of the way. Opt in for hype text messages and emails to hold you accountable and to make sure you’re getting the most out of the program. Michelle Wax, founder of American Happiness, answers every text and every email.

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