We asked Americans one simple question…

What do you LOVE about America and your life??

The fact that I can wake up every single morning without fear. I can live and build the life I want when I want with little-to-no guidelines. Everyone in this country can be and should be the boss of their own lives. That’s special.
— Casey from Somerville, MA
The United States is a wonderful place to live where you can do anything you set your sights to. This alone can bring happiness. We need to bring happiness to the forefront of our nation again as it seems to have been placed on the back burner.
— Erik from Houston, TX
Limitless opportunities. People who see negativity are looking for the wrong things and yes, they will find them. We live in a time of unbelievable prosperity. All manners of mental, physical, emotional health are available BUT one has to pay the price to achieve things. Race, creed, political views, etc. are not what stands in ones way, the individual is and in America we have a level playing field but it is not free.
— Dan from Cheyenne, WY
What I love the most about America is no matter what happens most people I meet always have hope. I see people helping other people.
We may not always agree, but when it comes down to it I believe the majority of us are there for each other when it matters.
You are free to create or become anything you want, it’s all up to you.
— June from Friendsville, TN
I love the opportunities that this country has afforded me, defended by my closest friends serving our country, to build my own business centered around helping people. I believe in a complete model of health and wellness, the blending of mental and physical to develop a positive mindset and winning attitude. Due to this country, I have been able to come up from having nothing, living in a single-parent household, to coaching and working with some of the most successful people in the city of Boston. This career has also offered me the opportunity to give back and participate in/organize multiple charity events that have made, and will continue to make, a tremendous impact. I consider myself fortunate to live a modern day “American Dream.”
— Justin from Boston, MA
I love that in this country we have the freedom to be whoever we want, and we can always find similar people to share our experiences with. Personally, in the past few years, I have really made an effort to make my life what I want it to be instead of focusing on what other people expect or think it should be. I’ve also focused more on choosing to be happy and not letting the little bad things in my life take over how I’m feeling, and I’m more content and relaxed with my life now and less uptight with how I present myself to others. It’s so much easier!
— Emily from Glastonbury, CT
There are so many cool people you can run into and I feel like the US has tons of opportunity for all kinds of people. What don’t I love about my life is the real question...I wake up every day with the ability to choose what I want to surround myself with. I used to seriously struggle with this darkness inside of me and after finding a way to get passed it my life has never been better.
— Brad from Milkwaukee, WI
I love the current changes America is experiencing. Everything is evolving here and I think great things are coming. I love my life because I am excited for my future, although I’m not exactly sure what’s to come I do know that I will make it happen here in the land of opportunity.
— Valerie from El Paso, TX
My life is my life. That’ what I love about my life. I own my life. No one else. My freedom is based entirely on my life and how I live it. My view is based entirely on how I want to perceive something. We live in a country where free will exists, where individuality exists. I love my life because I know there’s no one else like me and I know there’s 1001 other people who are all different. But we’re all so connected.
— Stephen from Lindenhurst, NY
Without a doubt, I think we need to learn to tap into our own happiness through bringing back self awareness and love upon ourselves. We can be so quick to judge and place blame. We are responsible for our own growth, but I understand how easily it is to get side tracked. Self awareness is where I believe we start to finding American Happiness.
— Tonya from Lincoln, NE
The freedoms I have as a woman and an American. We grow up thinking we need all these “things” to be happy, but really, it’s the simplest things that end up making a happy life.
— Jessica from Grand Rapids, MI
I love that in America there is so much opportunity to break out of the “mold”. I love how I recently began to realize that perspective and mindset can change EVERYTHING.
— Frank from Ridgefield, NJ
I love the stories that America brings. I like the history of America. I love that you are free to do what you want when you want and how you want. Good or bad. I love the opportunities that America has given to generations of Americans.
— Chris from Colorado Springs, CO

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