Your everyday spark to catapult you into a life of happiness and LIVIN.

No more waking up exhausted and less than enthused about the day ahead. You’ll wake up energized and excited.

No more ‘I’m doing fine’ talk. You’ll become the person who say’s they’re doing AMAZING, and actually means it.

When you do encounter a problem or negative person, learn the one minute hack to get you back into a state of happiness and appreciation.

No one ever teaches us how to be happy.

It’s this mysterious feeling we’re supposed to arrive at ‘someday’. But how do we get there? What’s the path?

Once we get the perfect job? Once we find that perfect person? Once we make a certain amount of money?

We’ve all heard stories about the people with it all are miserable and burnt out.

But we’ve also heard stories about people that have gone through horrible situations, and are the happiest people we know.

So happiness definitely isn’t correlated to outside circumstances.

The way we think about our life, is often.

The 3 step approach:

  1. Explain how the brain thinks about this

  2. Allows us to become self aware

  3. Scientifically proven methods to redirect this default way of thinking, leading you to happiness.


HYPE! Sometimes we just need some HYPE AND PEP in our lives. Surprise hype text messages, video messages, and in person events to get you pumped up about life and keep you driven towards making happiness your ultimate priority.


I soooooo enjoyed working with Michelle! She is genuine and real. She is sooo easy to work with. Personable and professional all the way. I love her heart and her go get-er attitude. The world needs more people like Michelle!
— Matt E. from Cheyenne, Wyoming
Working with Michelle was a fun and great time. I felt like I could have conversed with her for hours. I enjoyed the over all relaxed feeling that I had during the process. Michelle was very easy to talk to!
— Jorge M. from Sturgis, MI
Michelle has a great laid-back and personable style. Her authenticity and genuine nature shines through. She is easy to talk to, asks pertinent and interesting questions, and offers reinforcing and provoking feedback. She made me feel at ease and comfortable during the entire process.
— Risa S. from Kansas City, MO
Michelle is amazing. Even though I had just met her, it felt like we had been friends for a long time. I would 10/10 recommend the Michelle Wax experience.
— Austin S. from Lexington, KY