A few of our clients and partners!

A few of our clients and partners!

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The final state in the American Happiness speaking tour, Alaska!!

The final state in the American Happiness speaking tour, Alaska!!

Michelle Wax is a 3-time entrepreneur, documentarian, and speaker that travels to all 50 states in the USA on one mission — to capture and share how every day Americans have achieved consistent happiness.

Prior to founding American Happiness, Wax founded two companies in the food industry, Kitchen Millie and The Local Fare, which she sold in 2019. She is also the author of The Attainable Dream and has consulted dozens of brands throughout the past 5 years through workshops and one-on-one coaching.

Wax takes a scientific approach to sharing this practical knowledge in the American Happiness talks and workshops, bringing an energy that will have your group leaving inspired and ready to take control of their happiness and well being.

Michelle is a phenomenal communicator with energy that you can’t help but feel excited around.


This workshop is extremely valuable for companies, organizations, sports teams, and any community looking to transform their day-to-day understanding of their future into something bigger, bolder, and brighter!
Happiness Hour Workshop | Mindset

Happiness Hour Workshop | Mindset

Each of our Happiness Hour workshops are customized to create space for employees, students, and members to form friendship and connection with their peers in an extremely positive atmosphere focused around the science of happiness.

The workshop consists of the three parts to create an experience that avoids awkwardness and fosters accountability and improvement throughout and post workshop.

Looking for a workshop on stress management? Confidence? Wellness? Mental Health?

Workshop Testimonial from Anna!

All of our Happiness Hour workshops are customized to your group!

We can craft a workshop around just about any area of wellness in the workplace, at schools, or in communities.

"We invited Michelle to co-host a health and wellness workshop for our network of women entrepreneurs. She brought her amazing energy to the event and lead our group through a goal visualization exercise which the group really enjoyed! I definitely recommend American Happiness for any group seeking a fun, interactive, and self-reflective moment for their events or gatherings."

- Cara Loffredo, Directing Organizer, Boston Women's Market

“Happiness Hour is a great way for students to put down their phones and get talking! Michelle had a fantastic way of engaging our students in small groups and one on one conversations that helped our students connect during their first few days on campus. Michelle’s content was fun and engaging and she made it very easy for us to provide a great workshop during Welcome Weekend!”

Devon Corbett, Wellness Coordinator at Curry College


...incredibly approachable, knowledgeable, and relate-able.
She is one of the best speakers I have ever seen.
Speaking in Atlanta, GA

Speaking in Atlanta, GA

Always backed by neuroscience, Michelle’s speeches jump into how to take back control of your happiness and get what you want in life.

Our research across all 50 states dives into how regular, every day Americans reach consistent happiness in their daily life conquering mental health issues, debt, stress, divorce, and much more.

Always tailored to your group, Michelle shares the tactics and strategies of Americans from all walks of life, motivating audience members to take action on prioritizing mindset and happiness immediately.

Our most popular talk:

Speaking in Cambridge, MA

Speaking in Cambridge, MA

The Elusive ‘H’ word…

and why you’re doing it wrong.

Why do you want anything in life?
Why do you want more money? A better job? An amazing relationship?

Because you believe it'll make you happy...right?

Happiness is what we're all after…

but most of us are stressed, have self doubt, and aren't experiencing happiness in at least one area of life.

We've all had SPIKES of happiness...but how to we achieve real, consistent happiness day in and day out?

In this 29 minute talk, you'll learn the #1 factor the Americans credit for reaching consistent happiness and how to implement it into your own life.

You'll walk away energized and motivated for life knowing:

  1. The surprising neuroscience behind why most people are stressed out and unhappy.

  2. Three simple strategies you can implement immediately to take back control of your happiness, regardless of outside factors.

  3. The #1 mistake most people make when implementing the above strategies, and how to avoid it.

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We had the highest attendance of all of our entrepreneurship events when Michelle visited campus. The event was really interesting; Michelle spoke about actionable ways to take control of your life and seek happiness along your career path. Michelle was extremely helpful and passionate about speaking to women in business. We hope to have her back again!
— Sonia H., Duke University
Michelle Wax was truly an insightful speaker! In the current high-stress and fast-paced climate associated with universities, Michelle provided students with beneficial steps toward achieving happiness.
Rather than the typical “strictly business” sort of events that we host, this event focused on connecting with the students and giving them a unique perspective from an accomplished woman in business. Michelle conveyed an energetic zest for life in her speaking that translated into a valuable experience for our members. Having her come and speak to our members again would be an honor!
— Neet K. University of Texas at Austin
We were so thrilled to have Michelle speak! Our members loved to hear about her story and how she got to the point where she is today.

Michelle is so easily approachable, knowledgeable, and relate-able.

Something that our members really took away from the event was her positivity, and how she utilizes this in her everyday life. She even inspired some of our members begin tracking their thoughts each day, to help inspire productive and positive thoughts.
— Isabel H. Bryant University
Vibrant, optimistic, and endurance are words that come to mind when I think of Michelle. She never waivers in these qualities and is able to bring people who surround her up to her level.

After spending 1 day rehearsing in front of her, I pitched my company on a stage in front of 400 people and won 1st place! That’s the kind of stuff that happens when you are around Michelle Wax.
— Berlin Kelly, CEO of Proud Pour
We really liked the science behind Michelle’s research, and how we took away real tools that we could implement immediately to make our lives more positive. The event was really great! We would definitely recommend Michelle.
— Sophia M. Boston College
Michelle has been my motivator! Without her, I would have never started writing and selling my book. It’s even making money on Amazon! Not a bestseller (yet!) but I did it! My dream came true!
— Elizabeth Gray, Author
Everyone loved the event! It was so nice to have a different type of speaking event because usually for our club we have a lot of speakers who nail down things we have to do in order to get jobs, get our foot in the door etc. and this was more of a personal touch for our members. We really thought it was great and would definitely recommend Michelle!!!
— Abigail S. Providence College
Michelle has helped me re-energize my spirit for life.

She has reminded me to elevate above the noise and to appreciate the great things that are happening around me and to CELEBRATE them.

Michelle puts the moment first. I’ve been inspired to gives less fucks, be more of myself, and seek happiness & the thrill in all of life’s moments.
— Michelle Piantedosi, Manager at Converse
Michelle commits herself wholeheartedly to
anything she puts her mind to.

Michelle is very go with the flow. I believe that’s what’s made her able to learn, grow, and scale her businesses in quick time with no experience. She’s typically able to set aside any frustrations, roadblocks, or setbacks and stay focused on moving forward.

Michelle is amazing. She inspires me everyday and I think that anyone would be lucky to have her in their life as a mentor and friend.
— Elise Beck, Product Marketing Manager at Hubspot
Someone once told me that it was like a spa experience being around Michelle Wax and I have got to say, I wholeheartedly agree.

Since meeting Michelle, I have been inspired to try new things, take risks and live my life!

I will often watch her Wax Life videos when I am feeling down or not worthy of the things that I want in life. She is a truly amazing human being and I feel blessed to know her!
— Phoebe N. Cryan, Blue Cross Blue Shield