Who is Michelle Wax?

Ready to board a doors-off helicopter ride in Hilo, Hawaii

Ready to board a doors-off helicopter ride in Hilo, Hawaii

GOOD question.


I’m the person that when…

Debating whether you should finally start that business...


Book the trip you’ve been considering for months...


Get that third margarita...


"Do it. You gotta live."


Not only will I just say it…

I’ll make sure you take action, the most important part.


Happiness is the joy we feel when we're moving forward in our lives

Happiness is progression. Progression is happiness. 

Taking action is the only way to do that.


I’ve spent years training my mind to channel a positive mindset and live my best life day in and day out.

Training my mind for happiness.

It’s incredible.

Similar to how we workout our bodies to strengthen and feel better, it’s a little known fact that training your mind can drastically improve your happiness and state of being.

The Dalai Lama says,

“Happiness can only be achieved through the training of the mind.”


...so why does no one train their mind?

All the focus of training is on our bodies (important, of course) but it won’t bring us lasting happiness.

And that’s what I want.

To be happy.

...don’t you?

OH,  I’ve also done a bunch in the past 3 years…


Michelle collage.jpg

My proudest accomplishment by far is bringing together and developing a great group of friends that are on the same LIVIN level as me.

They support me 300%, even when I compiled a ridiculous video about Buncha Crunch.

At the end of the day, the people you surround yourself with are who you become.

...so why not make sure they're great?

I also:

-Founded Kitchen Millie and built it from the ground up.

-Co-founded The Local Fare and (yet again) built it from the ground up.

-Traveled to Hawaii, California, Santorini, Nashville, London, Paris, Miami, Chicago, Portland, Athens, Nashville, Puerto Rico, Dallas, Costa Rica, and Austin -- all while running these two businesses.

-Wrote a book, The Attainable Dream Field Guide, where I interviewed more than a dozen Boston-area entrepreneurs about the struggles and successes of starting a business and compiled it into a motivational guide for people who want to start their own businesses.

-Winner of 2015 BetaBoston’s 25 under 25 award.

-Consulted dozens of startup brands on design, marketing, sales, operations, and more - helping them launch their dream businesses.

-Featured in dozens of publications and press, ranging from The Boston Globe to ABC Channel 5.

-Winner of Boston’s Best 2017 ‘Best New Addition’ for The Local Fare

-Current clients range from Amazon to TripAdvisor to PwC - and yes they are awesome to work with.

-Accomplished my childhood dream of owning a storefront.  

-Ran 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns for different concepts, raising over $21,000.

-Went from working out 0 times per month to working out 5x per week at Everybody Fights Boxing Gym with simple, self motivated mindset training.

-Teach ‘Starting Your Own Food Business, A Series’ for people who are interested in starting their own companies.

-Design websites for startup companies at discounted rates for solopreneurs that are bootstrapping.

-Love country music and going to concerts any chance I get.

-Huge fan of Gary Vee and Tony Robbins.

-Love to paddleboard and do any water activity during the summer time.


...that’s enough for now.


None of this would have happened if I hadn’t trained my mind for happiness.


If you want to figure out what you truly want and get it, I’d love to hear from you.