The Wax Life uncovers how to use the science of our brains’ hardwiring to your advantage,

propelling you to the next level of happiness in life.

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Happiness can only be achieved through the training of the mind.
— The Dalai Lama

Once you start training your mind for happiness, your life changes - in the best way possible. 

It’s not our fault that…

Our brains’ hardwiring doesn’t lend itself to natural happiness.

It’s not our fault that our default setting is a state of high alert, of stress, of uncertainty, of self doubt.

It’s just the way our brains were wired in our primal days (200,000 years ago), and our wiring has not changed since.

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But we can train our minds out of of this default state.

And that’s where the magic begins.

The Wax Life is focused on sharing this science in multiple forms, through speaking events, documentaries, and other media. We are passionate about helping you implement extremely simple mental techniques that will drive you to a new level and bring lasting happiness in your life, regardless of outside people or circumstances.

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